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Wallerand was born in 1964.

After a great Parisian art school, he teaches young people at the Musée d'Orsay.

His entire artistic life was guided by Article 27 of Human Rights, hence the name of his contemporary art association in Marly-le-roi:

In his studio, he pushed his students to transcend their art thanks to his avant-garde clairvoyance, he was able to highlight everyone within the team.

His vision of art continually led him to propose topical subjects that were similar to "the general interest" which he managed to classify Art27, in particular the Ecce Homo exhibition which was relayed by RFI radio.

Periods of war haunted him, indivisible from human misery, he was also always attracted to poetry and tried it with passion because creation was not just another exercise for the visual artist, but he devoted his entire life to creation.

After many years of collective exhibitions of his association, he felt the need to forge a new artistic crucible in Auvers-sur-Oise, in the worthy continuation of the great artists who occupied his studio, "Sa MAISON ROSE", and whose Daubigny father and son could praise each other.

We continue his artistic momentum. Wallerand unfortunately left us in November 2021, he was a person of extreme sensitivity and great benevolence towards others, he leaves behind a rich and varied work: paintings, videos, photos, installations, poems and wonderful memories.

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