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A historic place looking to the future!

In 1870 Charles-François Daubigny decided to buy the barn adjoining his house to turn it into a summer studio where he could paint large canvases and receive his friends. Many artists like Corot, Daumier, Oudinot, Cézanne, Morisot, Monet have spent time in this house which has thus become a home for artists. The workshop will then be dedicated to his son Karl, an equally renowned artist, who will live there until his death in 1886. More recently the painter Wallerand lived there from 2014 to 2021 and gave it back its vocation as a workshop and home. of artists. 

The spirit of this project is to rely on this place steeped in history to better explore the present and the future. The Maison Rose de Wallerand is above all a place of life which organizes all kinds of events such as exhibitions, concerts, performances, etc....

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