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Deux peintres anglaises Lorraine Thorne et Felicity Hindmarsh à la Maison Rose

17 mai 2023

Du 17 mai 2023 au 31 mai 2023

Lorraine Thorne:

In my practice I have often used the tree as metaphor, developing the motif into a series "circle of life"... In this body of work I have wanted to highlight the beauty of our connection to all living things, that we are especially reliant as a species on the magnificent, varied trees in our landscapes. And it seems we are in the throes of such a delicate balance of flourishing or diminishing. The decorative borders within the circles contain patterning from DNA phytogenic tree diagrams.

I have often used the circle as a window which looks through a concentric band of circles into a light/dark filled sphere. The bands representative of life and time passing.

My latest work is exploring further our connection to nature, whilst celebrating it's richness in colour and diversity.

Felicity Hindmarsh:

With a background in Theatre design, mask making and 30 years teaching I am now focused on developing my painting.

During the two weeks at La Maison Rose I have been aware of following in the footsteps of other artists and enjoyed channeling their creative energy. I have been inspired by the studio and courtyard as well as the idyllic setting.

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